Home Theater

With the advances in front projection technology, a large format theater can be brought home at a price never before possible. With THX quality sound, the highest resolution HDTV projectors, and large screens you can start enjoying your favorite films in style in the comfort of your own home.

Audio Video

DTC Connect is an all-in-one solution for your audio video, theater, telecom, automation, and home networking needs. We handle all size jobs at all levels. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or just want to add a new flat-panel television in one of your rooms, our experienced staff has a solution for you. DTC Connect is a full service company providing design consultation, full installation, programming, and sales of equipment at competitive prices.

Smart Home Automation

When creating a "Smart Home," there are many subsystems to consider. Anything and everything, including Audio, Video, Heating, Air-Conditioning, Alarm, Surveillance, Motorized Shades, Lighting, Sprinklers, Pool Control, and the list goes on, can be integrated in your customized Smart Home. For a truly successful Smart Home, it is important to have one reliable system that can integrate all of these elements together, in an easy-to-navigate interface. DTC Connect can help you with all the options and get your Smart home fully automated and customized for you.

Flat Screen Installation

Our installers at DTC Connect are experts in every possible flat panel installation you can imagine. As authorized dealers of all the major television brands, we can deliver your new plasma, LCD, LED, or DLP display. We offer flat, tilt, and cantilever mounting solutions at very competitive prices, making sure your flat screen installation is perfect for your space.

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Custom Rack Systems

The key to any system is definitely organization. In an integrated home system, the best solution is a well organized custom rack system. DTC Connect offers quality products and designs that encompass every racking need, from small residential projects to large scale commercial systems.

CCTV Surveillance

DTC Connect offers full design and installation of CCTV (Closed-Circuit-Television) video systems. We have several solutions for any budget, so you can feel comforted knowing your property is being monitored around the clock. Our services include DVR (Digital-Video-Recorder) setup, pre-wiring, camera installation, and remote access setup.

Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the most important parts of home automation. A Smart Home is not complete without fully integrated lighting, shades and climate control, making your home energy efficient, money saving, and convenient. DTC works with you to completely customize the lighting control throughout your space. Schedule an appointment with one of our design specialists and see how much you could be saving.

Outdoor Audio Video

Installing audio video systems presents unique challenges not found in traditional system setups. All equipment must be weatherproof, and system controls and components are placed in unique areas, all without sacrificing any of the system's performance. DTC is familiar with these challenges and will engineer your outdoor audio and video systems to perform perfectly and consistently.


Pre-Wiring a new house for technology is one of the most important stages of building a new site. We will help you make the correct decision about what to include in your pre-wire to “future-proof” your house. With all the changes in video technology, DTC ensures that your space is pre-wired for maximum flexibility throughout, no matter what systems you want immediately or may want down the road.

Designing & Planning

When investing in your home or business, from decor to electronic systems, it's important to have a clear idea and visualization of the finished product. No matter what type of system you are looking for, DTC Connect will help you with the design and planning of your space through to installation, programming, and finishing, making sure everything is customized for you. Call us today, and let DTC help you design and plan your ideal system!

Phone and Network

With the emergence of IP and Ethernet devices into mainstream audio and video, it is important to hire a tech savvy integrator who understands the nature of networking and its benefits to home entertainment systems. Also, with the emergence of VoIP technology, phone systems have become much more powerful offering exciting new features and drastically reduced monthly rates. DTC Connect also is Panasonic certified to install traditional system phones for residences and business. Let us wire your next home or business for all the latest technologies.

Paging and Intercom

DTC Connect provides paging systems to businesses in order to improve better internal communications.  These systems can also allow for general notifications and emergency alerts. Both analog and IP paging solutions are available. The versatility of devices like door phones, entry phones and intercoms makes them ideal for any kind of communications and security strategy.

Access Control

DTC can install an access control systems in your business or home to keep people, premises and data safe. At their most basic, access control systems ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry to certain areas of a facility. These systems can range from an electronic lock at the entrance of a building to a series of locks on server racks at a physical data center. By implementing an access control system, a homeowner or an organization can better monitor who is accessing their facilities and increase safety for all.